Through the Window

  We’ve reached a point in society where to detect foulness out of the most mediocre suggestion or statement has become common place. Jokes aren’t safe anymore. Nor is a stance or opinion. The lot of civilization is so busy claiming their stake in the ground that they don’t even notice what (or who) their… Continue reading Through the Window

10 Myths About Aspies

  “If you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.” ~ author unknown This is a subjective list based on my interaction with over 10,000 Aspies over the last four years. 🙂 10 Myths About Aspies Myth #1: Aspies Don’t Have Friends We do have relationships. Like all human beings, sometimes… Continue reading 10 Myths About Aspies

The Sword of Us

I know how you suffer and struggle, how your mind is an exploding universal truth, how you flutter about in sequence, reorganizing and rearranging the very essence of self—a byproduct of thought. Your complexity is amazing and stunningly beautiful, encapsulating what is and what is not, intermingled in a dance of delight and horror. I see… Continue reading The Sword of Us

Teenager with Aspergers 1980’s

Today I went through many letters and poems from my childhood. I came across a few poignant pieces that signify how I related to my world during my youth. Age 15 Hello Children, Why are you laughing? Why are you whispering? So I don’t see as you do, or look as you. Perhaps my hair… Continue reading Teenager with Aspergers 1980’s

Flat Line and Hooters

Some kind woman (I am assuming) wrote an informative and well-meaning comment on my other blog, Everyday Aspergers, about rapid cycling bipolar. After that I spent an hour being triggered by thoughts of yet another feasible diagnosis, and that’s likely why I am still braless with teeth not brushed, obsessively blogging. I asked my partner Dave,… Continue reading Flat Line and Hooters