Everyday Aspie is Retired

Hello All! Thank you for the many years of readership with this blog and Everyday Asperger’s blog. I have made lifetime friends and am honored to be part of an exceptional community of both neurodivergent and ‘typical’ folks. I am officially closing Everyday Aspie. It’s been a truly memorable and life-changing journey of online writing. For… Continue reading Everyday Aspie is Retired

From the Inside Out: An Autistic Shutdown

 From the Inside Out: An Autistic Shutdown Autistics have shutdowns. It’s part of life. There are multiple root causes for a shutdown, including the result of sensory overload, physical and mental exhaustion, unexpected news, anxiety about an upcoming event, and upheaval in our schedule. Sometimes it comes in combination; other times it comes down to… Continue reading From the Inside Out: An Autistic Shutdown

Autistic and Proud!

I am a proud autistic. I am happy to belong to a clan that understands me and doesn’t readily question my motives and intentions. I am pleased to be part of a unit. I no longer feel like a lonely floating piece of a missing whole. I am proud to be myself in completion, after… Continue reading Autistic and Proud!

Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and based on my experience after 12 years of researching about autism and being officially diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. It is not meant to replace the DSM-V Autism Spectrum Disorder definition nor is this list meant to serve as an official diagnostic tool. Hundreds of women have used this list in conjunction with the DSM-IV… Continue reading Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft