My 10 Most Embarrassing Dyslexic Moments

10. In my teaching years, writing ‘LSD’ in a note home from school to a family, when I meant ‘LDS.’ 9. When I wrote I have ‘dsylexia’ to a job scout, on social media, in a note to a friend, on a disability forum, during this post earlier, and so forth. 8. The fact that… Continue reading My 10 Most Embarrassing Dyslexic Moments

Flat Line and Hooters

Some kind woman (I am assuming) wrote an informative and well-meaning comment on my other blog, Everyday Aspergers, about rapid cycling bipolar. After that I spent an hour being triggered by thoughts of yet another feasible diagnosis, and that’s likely why I am still braless with teeth not brushed, obsessively blogging. I asked my partner Dave,… Continue reading Flat Line and Hooters