It’s Time WE Start Questioning Emotional IQ Tests for Autistics

  At times autistics are said to have low emotional IQ levels and told that they need improve emotional IQ levels, by well-meaning employers and support professionals. In fact, some individuals on the autism spectrum are segregated in work environments and told to take emotional IQ trainings, while their peers are not subjected to such… Continue reading It’s Time WE Start Questioning Emotional IQ Tests for Autistics

Invisible . . .

  Sometimes I feel invisible when another assumes things about me that are not accurate, particularly, if their assumption contradicts my own deepest self. This happens most often when another interprets my actions as having an ulterior motive. When I speak, there are times another will assume I am: bragging to impress; stating something to… Continue reading Invisible . . .

Mama Bear

I recently found my “mama bear!” She’s been hiding somewhere. Out in the way-back country of my psyche, I suppose. She’s awake, and I am not so sure what to do with her. However, I notice these seismic emotional waves generated by an impulse of some sort or another. To be frank, the thought of convictions… Continue reading Mama Bear

Unknowns, Boundaries, and Autism: A Reflection

THIS IS A RAMBLE. For a shorter, more ‘reader friendly’ version, go here To see my brain in action . . . Read on. (There are some comma errors in this. Apologies!) I had planned on working from home today. In fact, I likely “should” be doing that right now. However, I make my own hours,… Continue reading Unknowns, Boundaries, and Autism: A Reflection

Autism: A Poem of Anger

  This is what emotions feel like to me. How I stuff and try to navigate the days, until I can no longer keep all that is inside of me, and I burst.   Doused Shattered brain Made whole Reorganized into Frankenstein pieces Stapled segmented fractures United by outdated cement glue Jumbled mess of fool’s… Continue reading Autism: A Poem of Anger

Ego, Convictions and The Bubble Wrap Approach

  We all know the saying, “Opinions are like Assholes.” But are they really? I mean theoretically we are nothing but opinions. I am glad to report, smitten actually, that I am a confident person with strong convictions based on rigorous studies of spiritual truths. And that I recognize my convictions are still only opinions… Continue reading Ego, Convictions and The Bubble Wrap Approach