About Sam


Whenever I see the word “About” I hear the Hokey Pokey in my mind… and turn yourself around…that’s what it’s all about! So now I am in a circle putting my right hand in and my right hand out. Dang visual memory and dang connection to song lyrics. Tis my life. Bouncing random words with their own personality, agenda and ‘irky-ness.’

I shall forgo the boring rambling intro and tell you straight up:

  1. I make up words.
  2. I eat chocolate for breakfast.
  3. I take myself FAR too seriously.
  4. I had to delete the word boy-toy in reference to my genius Aspie boyfriend, as I’d thought you’d take it the wrong way.
  5. This is a cool shirt.
  6. My Non-Aspie (former) husband with Spock-like traits remains a cool dude.
  7. I thought about leaving out ‘former’ to confuse you.
  8. I have three teenage sons and don’t know how I survived the earlier years, like when I came home to find the babysitter (we couldn’t keep any around) pacing the room as my three-year old streaked naked with a broken bowl over his head and a stream of his second full roll of toilet paper trimming the hallways and living space as his two older brothers cheered him on. That and the time my two youngest barricaded themselves in a room to block their brother with a fire poker from getting in.
  9. Thousands know me by Sam, and I actually answer to Sam and turn around when I hear the name Sam and refer to myself as Sam. And use Sam’s Facebook page. But that’s my pen name and my real name is Marcelle. (It’s not French. I am named after my stunningly beautiful great aunt in Malta). So I kind of feel like I am taking over a made-up-person’s identity.
  10. Everyday Aspergers is my other awesome blog with over 1,200 pages of prolific writing. I still don’t know what alien form took over my brain.
  11. I am psychic, empathic and often times a pain in the ass–not like a cyst or boil or hemorrhoids, not even a pimple, but more liken to a small tag in your underwear that irritates you to no end because you have sensory issues. But now that I think about it if I am ‘in’ your ass does that suppose I am more like a polyp?
  12. I plan on returning to a happy-flappy state asap, either that or a looney state, or perhaps crazy naked-running-in-the-street stage. Something to that degree.
  13. I am all pruney from spending far too much time in a deep pool of self-analysis.
  14. I can write the most deep complex shit you’ve ever read and it all comes out in one sitting without editing. In case you doubt it here is PROOF.
  15. I am going to go force myself to sit in the sauna now, only because if I don’t, I won’t shower. And it’s been 3.5 days since I showered. I have a shower phobia.
  16. But before I do that I am going to MAKE my Aspie man read this out loud, so I can 1) process 2) laugh and 3) make sure I haven’t over-shared, but I am thinking I really need an NT (some of my best friends are NT…lol) to tell me if this is appropriate, but since most of you are Aspie I am assuming it’s all good.
  17. I am just going to keep on assuming it’s all good in general.

All the best to you ~ Sam (Named after Samantha in the series Bewitched, a fictional character who could wiggle her nose and make shit happen.)

This is me at 4. I loved to eat green apples and play in the gutter.

This is me at 4. I loved to eat green apples and play in the gutter.


4 thoughts on “About Sam

  1. well you know, all my life I was told Samantha is the 8Th most popular name in the U.S. (nevermind it was never in those cool nameplates every Amy had when I was a kid) and I was so excited to finally meet another Samantha (as you are literally the only one I’ve ever met but not met) and your name is Marcelle. Which is a fecking cool name!!!! From the real life Samantha Stephens who has not gone a single day without being asked if I can wiggle my nose, I have to say this is my all time favorite blog, I so look forward to the book, and Samarcelle, you ROCK!!!! Endora would be proud. ❤ aka Amma Love


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