Thank you for the Many Years of Readership: Everyday Aspie is Retired

Hello All!

Thank you for the many years of readership with this blog and Everyday Asperger’s blog. I have made lifetime friends and am honored to be part of an exceptional community of both neurodivergent and ‘typical’ folks. I am officially closing Everyday Aspie. It’s been a truly memorable and life-changing journey of online writing. For now, I will continue to focus my works at (Spectrum Suite LLC), including local gatherings, educational events, and more. I will also share my knowledge of autism and the need for support, resources, and employment.

I am stepping back from most social media and will visit with less frequency. Everyday Aspergers Facebook page will remain active but with less postings. Today, there are a plenitude of autistics out there on social media spreading autism news and offering insights. Spectrum Suite has an extensive resource place and there are many blogs by autistics and great autism leaders.

I will be launching AVA: Autism Volunteer Association, a (free) professional organization founded by Spectrum Suite. Members are autistics and those associated with the autism community and culture. Members include individuals from all walks of life. The goal of the Autism Volunteer Association is to provide a professional, safe and accepting place to share accessible and affordable resources to the benefit of the autism community. I will visit the forum on some Tuesdays.

If you venture out to new groups in the autism community, remember there are many, many kind and supportive folks out there. Ask around. There are many closed groups on Facebook with members who will accept you and support you. Don’t let the sour apples or “autism police” stop you from seeking out support and being yourself. Leave the groups that spread hate, intolerance, and gossip. Self-identify for yourself and no one else. And try not to create division between the autism community and other organizations, non-autistics, and/or other autistics. That does more harm than good. Avoid some activists (and activist groups) and autistic leaders who are bent on using their self-created platform for their own selfish purposes, even at the expense of other autistics. Remember to be the best version of you. Treat others with kindness, respect, and encouragement. You are the difference. And you are the light. If you are ever discouraged, please reach out to someone and please know you are of great value and importance.

If you are just learning you might be on the autism spectrum, here is an article I wrote. If you are having challenges with certain members in the autism community, here is an article that might assist. If you are looking for peer-mentors, we will be posting them at AVA. If you want to reach out, I will check in from time-to-time on @aspergersgirls on Twitter. And here’s some inspirational quotes.

Thank you again. For those that have heard, seen, and loved me, for that I am forever grateful. You are in my heart eternally. You know who you are. I shall rest easily after this life, knowing I have been authentic, kind, true, and the best version of me.

x Lots of Love ~ Samantha Craft (aka Marcelle)

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22 thoughts on “Thank you for the Many Years of Readership: Everyday Aspie is Retired

  1. It’s sad that you are retiring from this site, but I suppose things have to end sometime. Is this site going to at least remain up or will you be taking it down?

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  2. Over at Spectrum Insights, we have been enjoying your blog and insights, often sharing what we learn w/ parents and students. Thank you for all you have done via this site…much appreciated!
    John Anderson – Program Director of Spectrum insights


  3. Im sorry to hear this is closing … but excited about the new ventures!

    I’m trying to join AVA but it seemed to take me to another website and I couldn’t see anything there about Ava… can you point me in the right direction ! Sorry if it’s obvious !!!



  4. Sorry to see you go. I’ve only recently discovered your site and even as a male Aspie, I have found your posts both enlightening and comforting in knowing that there others out there experiencing the same concerns and feelings as I have over the years.

    Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom with us and good luck with your future endeavours! 🙂

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  5. Dear Sam, will you let the blog articles online? Some of them could still be of great help to others, as they have been for me! If you plan to take then offline, can I or put reproduce some of them elsewhere, on one of our sites in Holland?


  6. I found your blog today only to see it’s retured but in what I have read already I have been able to laugh and the feeling someone out there understands and writes so beautifully about it. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers, or high functioning Autism last year, I’m fairly sure I have too, I could bet on it. I’m a single mum, theres times I feel so disconnected. Reading your past blog has helped lift my heart today, I only wish I stumbled upon it sooner. Thank you. Wishing you all the best in your future ventures.


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