What If the Tables were Turned

What if The Tables were Turned . . . What would it be like if autistics were the founders, owners, leaders, managers, and supervisors in most businesses in the world? And we told the non-autistics that we would train them for bottom-level entry jobs but they could work their way up, maybe. And we told the… Continue reading What If the Tables were Turned

Meet Rudy Simone

Meet Rudy Simone: Autistic Bestselling Author, Advocate & President and Founder of the International Aspergirl® Society Sam: Thank you for being here, Rudy. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to get to know you and to learn more about your recent works and projects. Your well-received Aspergirls was one of the first books I picked up, years… Continue reading Meet Rudy Simone

What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

  What This Autistic Teacher would like Professionals to Know . . . ONE: Some of us on the autism spectrum embrace the word “autistic” and prefer the use of autistic over phrases such as “with autism” or “with Aspergers.” Autistic isn’t a bad word. How one refers to oneself is a personal preference. TWO:… Continue reading What This Autistic Teacher Wants Professionals to Know

“Affected” by Autism

  To the father who writes on his blog “my son is affected by autism.” To the professional who tweets “ . . . families affected by autism.” To the mother who declares at a social gathering her child is “not defined by Aspergers.” By now, you are likely well aware of person-first terminology, such as… Continue reading “Affected” by Autism

Mama Bear

I recently found my “mama bear!” She’s been hiding somewhere. Out in the way-back country of my psyche, I suppose. She’s awake, and I am not so sure what to do with her. However, I notice these seismic emotional waves generated by an impulse of some sort or another. To be frank, the thought of convictions… Continue reading Mama Bear