Self-Improvement List

The revolution of self-improvement and reaching a zen state, and being the best we can be, is coming to an end, as people begin to recognize the divine being within each other, and in accepting the other as is, can accept the battered self, as is. It is time to stop making ourselves believe we need fixing and to start doing what comes naturally–loving. There is a reason those self-improvement lists hurt. The reason is because they pronounce to the world we are inherently flawed. Nothing is further from the truth. We are Human. We just need to stop pretending we aren’t. Perfectionism is outdated. ~ Samantha Craft of Everyday Aspergers




6 thoughts on “Self-Improvement List

  1. This has always been a dance for me. Essentially I believe that humans – our mission is to evolve – and this isn’t a judgemental thing but rather the mission of humanity. It is not the necessity of change and growth that is WRONG, but rather what is fueling that change and growth, the intention, if you will. I am both Asperger’s and bipolar – the first diagnosed, the second self-diagnosed, but after 40 plus years of intensive study/research/exploration into human behavior my own on my own, with others, others, others with others, public phenomena, etc … in my mission to “cure” myself – I have earned the right to say WHAT I am and how I perceive life. I don’t need an academic or a doctor to inform me of less than I already know. I do NOT like to identify with either label, because both NAMES have very negative contextual cultural associations – I almost prefer Crazy for BPD and Weird/Eccentric for Asperger’s – WHY because it allows for ambiguity and fluidity of one’s reality and experience. I have seen so many people forced into a victim status when they have accepted the medical establishment’s diagnosis and treatments … which approaches one as a FREAK whose behavior and experience needs to be controlled and monitored.

    So, yes, when one is coming from either the Western medical approach of dealing with mental health, or when one is reading the WRONG sort of personal growth books that are very judgemental and critical of one’s essential being — you are entirely correct – paths of personal growth can be psychically damaging and victimizing. But we should NEVER forget that we are part of the natural world that is constantly changing – what makes us special as human beings – is that we can CONSCIOUSLY change our external circumstances and our internal perspective, and this is a natural and beautiful thing that we can be truly thankful for … we are not driven by blind instinct, we have flexible neural pathways … and as long as we aren’t self-destructively moralizing the WHY of our necessary growth as human beings … then we are merely doing what humans are meant to do – USE our consciousness to evolve. Like computers we are garbage in and garbage out. If we have a consciousness that is corrupted, we will get corrupted results no matter what kinds of data or software we are taking in … so it is up to us compassionately investigate and explore our thinking and being systems … neutrally observing whether the results are productive and progressive, or whether they are destructive and regressive or a mixture. This is simply part of being a human being … we need to strip the MORALITY out of it … in the sense that we are BAD PEOPLE or ABNORMAL PEOPLE if we think or do things a differently or rebel against the status quo …. ( this has turned into a blog – which I will finish elsewhere … Thanks for your patience : ) – GREAT Website!!!

    Because I need to edit the post – it may be a couple of days … but thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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    1. thank you for sharing your thoughts. I understand what you are saying. I agree about are ability to evolve and continually change. Also, I understand about the label aspects as well. Thank you again for your keen insights and sharing.

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